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How to decrease ping in Valorant

In this guide, I will tell some tips that might decrease your a ping(latency). As you know high ping in video games can dramatically decrease your performance. In Valorant, players with low ping can have an advantage over high ping players when peaking or usual gun fights because bullets might take more time to actually damage the player. So here is a solution for this problem:

1.Remove PUPs
PUPs is some harmful softwares that might increase your ping and lower overall PC performance, so we will use a software that will remove these PUPs. We will use Adwarecleaner to do that. First go to your browser and visit this link. Download the program and when it opens click Scan. Then after the scan is finished see if detects anything and click Quarantine. Wait until it removes everything then restart your PC.
2.Clear DNS cache
You'll first open Command Prompt by typing cmd in your Windows search bar then run it as an administrator and type ipconfig /flushdns . This can decrease your ping a lot.
3.Close Background apps
Go to search bar in the taskbar. Type Background Apps and click it, then turn all off. This can decrease your ping a lot as Microsoft apps can sometimes run in the background and can take from your internet's bandwidth.

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